We guarantee the best results.

We recycle on your site and control the distillation process remotely

We offer remote distillation for various key industries

We have the knowledge and the technology to adapt our systems to the various frame conditions.


Manufacturing of GFK Wind Turbine Blades


Chemical Industry


Furniture Production


Printing & Ink Industry


Wastewater Disposal


Automotive Industry


Lacquer & Paint industry



Recycle obstacles with previous technologies and service providers

Why have only a small percentage of solvents been recycled up to now?


Distilling is a complex process. Many examples from industry show that self-distillation is stopped after a short time due to poor quality.

High logistics cost

Especially in the case of contract distillation, tons of solvents and waste have to be procured or disposed of.


Self-distillation needs trained specialists. Process engineers are already busy with other tasks, or there is a lack of qualified specialists.

CO2: political pressure low

The legal situation has so far left a lot of leeway to simply dispose of contaminated solvents. That's going to change.


Purchasing your own distillation equipment is costly. The amortization with all ancillary costs often takes years.

Company orientation

The ambiguous strategic orientation, if distillation is to be carried out in-house or by outsourcing, companies postpone the issue.

We transform hurdles into advantages

Advantages compared to buying equipment or rental distillation


With our patented and market-leading technology, we can guarantee you the highest quality of the recovered distillate.

Reduction of transports

Transport costs are dramatically reduced: around 90% percent both in the procurement and disposal of the solvents.


We set up our system for you once and control everything remotely: You do not have to use any personnel, we cover the costs.

Significant CO2 reduction

The approximately 90 percent reduction in your carbon footprint not only brings increasing monetary benefits. Use your contribution to environmental protection for your marketing.


You start earning from the very first day our facility is in operation. You do not need procure and operate expensive systems, also no personnel costs, we bear the full risk.

Fixed-term contracts

You do not enter into long-term contracts with us. We provide our service based on the principle of performance, because we know that we deliver. Keep you flexible as much as possible.

We recycle your solvents on site: AcetonEthanolMethanolIsopropanolPerchlorethylenMEKMethylenchloridToluolEthylacetat

Project flow when working together

VES-ECOTEC will provide you with a system free of charge. Billing takes place monthly and based on the quantities processed. Therefore you do not take any risks and start earning money from the moment the first liter runs through.

Here is a schematic representation of the process:

Step 1

Send a small non-binding sample

VES ECOTEC does a quick feasibility study to determine whether dirt and solvents are suitable for our model.

Step 1

Step 2

Send a larger sample, e.g. 1000 l

We distill a large amount of solvent in order to verify the highest degree of purity of our process.

Step 3

Distillate and residue returned to the customer

Investigation at the customer, verification of the quality. Documentation at the customer

Step 3

Step 4


VES-ECOTEC makes a preliminary Quotation based on the available data

Step 5

Customer check quotation

Approve quotation, check the situation on site, finally create quotation

Step 5

Step 6

Order, contract

Place order, temporary contract for the provision of the device on site

Step 7

Installation of the 45ExV on site

Temporary contract for the provision of the device on site, provision of the device

Step 7

After Step 7

Remote service and reports

Permanent monitoring of the process by VES-ECOTEC, daily or weekly reports on the run as a basis for invoicing

Do you have questions? This approach is new on the market.
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